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Discover the joy of connecting with others who share your passions and building new friendships. Whether you're looking to network, learn new skills, or just have fun, you'll find a vibrant community of thousands of people who share your interests.

Joining a group or creating your own is easy and effortless. Plan exciting events, RSVP to others' gatherings, and invite like-minded people to join you. There's no better way to start making meaningful connections and forming lasting bonds. And if there are no groups or events in your area, don't worry! You can easily create your own and watch your community grow.

Start today and experience the fulfilling and rewarding journey of building friendships with people who share your interests.


What is Great Meets all about?


Find groups of people with common interests.


Events are gatherings of like minded people.


Tell the world what you are into.


While meeting new people maybe fun it is also benificial as well.

What are the benefits of joining?

Learning and growth

Great Meets offer an opportunity to learn from others.

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Groups and Events are a great way to collaborate and learn.

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Personal development

Meets provide countless opportunities for Personal developement.

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Fun and enjoyment

Lets face it meeting new people is always fun.

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How does it work?

First you find a group or create one.

You search for groups in your area or make your own.

Then you join a group or invite others to join yours.

Join a group or invite others to your group.

Next you RSVP to an event or create an event

If a group is having an event you can RSVP to it or create a new event and invite others to attend.

Your schedule will reflect your events.

Just so you do not forget your event you will be notified in advance and it will also be added to your personal calendar.

Frequently asked Questions

How is your site different from other meet up sites?

What seperates us from the others is ours has the ability to contact others that are not currently members of your group and invite them to join. This way anyone can build a successful group without just sitting around in hopes others will join your group. Our site is also driven by people first. From there you have groups and then events. Other sites have the exact opposite approach making them difficut to navigate. Our site also offers many tools for colabortation too. So, you will actually be able to interact with other people in a meaningful way.

Can I contact others in the group?

Once you have been approved to join a group you will be able to contact anyone within that group. You will also be able to contact other people that are outside your group as well. You will be able to invite them to your group. Not only that but we also have a website wide wall/forum/article area for people to create polls, ask questions, post articles and more. So you will not be limited to interacting with just the groups you belong too.

What is a group and why do I need one?

A group is a bunch of people that have similar interests or the same interests. Having a group allows others to join your group or events as well as interact within your group to collaborate or simply engage in a friendly manner. Share your ideas or learn from others. Build new friendships or skill sets and have fun.

Do I have to join a group or event to make friends here?

No. You can search for individual people and send friend requests to form mutual friendships. You can interact in our site wide discussions, vote in polls, ask a question, answer a question and more...

How do I make my group grow?

You can search for people in your area and invite them to join. Create an enticing description for your group. Eye catching group picture. Join in our discussions to get noticed by others. Have regular events. Join forces with other groups.

What is a united group?

A united group is multiple groups that have joined together to form a much larger community. This new united group can operates both independently and collectively at the same time. This concept is similar to states that have combined together to form the United States. Yet each state can run independently.

Can I keep my information private?

Yes you can be as annoymous as you want to be.

Can I create a private group?

Yes you can make your group private and the only people that can join must have a personal invite from you.

What happens if I no longer want to run my group?

We will offer the group up to any of it's current members first. If there are no takers then it is offer up to the entire website as an orphaned group. If there are still no takers then group is disbanded.

Can I have my events be online only?

You bet you can. We offer many tools to make this happen.

Need support?

We fully support our site unlike others. You can contact us by phone, email, chat, etc. You can also submit a support ticket below.

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